Solar project-light Lamp
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Solar Lamp

Product Manual

Packing list
1. Solar Panels                                             1 PCS
2. Solar lamp                                                 1 Set
3. Remote control                                          1 PCS
4. Expansion Screws/Nut/M6 Screws            4PCS/2PCS/2PCS
5. U-shaped Frame                                        1PCS
6. 5m Connect Wire                                       1PCS

Product model and specifications  Unit:cm
-  18W Solar Panels (Contains 4.5m with female plug wires)  ;   W:34 L:50 H:1.7 
-  Solar Lamp (
Contains 0.5m with female wires)  ; :28.5cm  L:23.5cm  H:12cm
-  Lamp ower: 50W
- Irradatin area : 100m2.

Product instruction 
1. Use the remote controller to turn on the lamps
2. Plug the male and female plug of photovoltaic panes into the inside of joint of project-light lamp.
3. Twist tight the waterproof jacket and the lamps will on automaticaly by natural light.

- The lamps will be turned on automatically when it is getting dark.
- The lamps will be turned off automatically when it is day time.

The Lamp installation
1. Install the lamp with two expansion screws on the wall  
2. Adjust the angle according the actual need 
3. In order to avoid the flooding, lamps can't be installed in low-lying areas
4. Plug in the male and female plug, then rotate the waterproof cap , the installation is complete.
5. Check after installation:
    (a) Check the installation place ever fastness
    (b) Use the remote control to check ever the lamps working correctly.

Product inspection
Please try the following methods when the lamps is not working :
1. Check the connect wire is ever connect well or flooding water.
2, Check the solar panel and lamps wire is ever break
3. Check the remote controller is ever use up battery or damage;
4. If the above 3 points are no problems , please contact your local dealer.

**Warranty card is provided in the box.

Please leave your enquiry here, we will reply as soon as possible.

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